10 Years of Scrobbling Is Here!


So the time has arrived – what better way to celebrate 10 Years of Scrobbling than to reveal the true listening habits of millions the world over? We can exclusively reveal the top 100 artists and top 100 tracks since scrobbling began but that’s not all – we’ve built an interactive timeline that reveals the break-ups, make-ups, deaths, releases, events and moments that shaped YOUR listening data.

We won’t spoil the top artists and tracks just yet – instead we’ll let you go through to the shiny feature HERE to find out for yourself. Use the tabs to navigate between the timelines, the top artists and the top tracks. Scroll from 100 all the way down to 1, filtering by tags and territories to really make the most of the data. Which metal track was listened to the most in the UK? Which folk band had the highest amount of scrobbles in Poland? And so on and so forth.

You’ll also notice some awards being handed out. We’ve been revealing these over the past few days on our Facebook and Twitter and here they are summed up (all awards are taken from our 10 years of scrobbling data):

Most ‘Loved’ track: Lil’ WayneLollipop
Most ‘Banned track: Lil’ WayneLollipop
Most skipped track: The Postal ServiceSuch Great Heights
Top guilty pleasure (the track that people have deleted from their listening history the most): Lady GagaPoker Face

To further celebrate all of this, we have also launched a brand new Scrobbler app for iOS that allows you to reacquaint yourself with all the music stored on your phone or tablet. Grab it from the App Store now HERE.

Stay tuned to Last.fm Originals as tomorrow and Monday we’ll be doing in-depth looks at the top artists and tracks of the decade. To keep up to date on all the discussion, make sure to follow the #10yearsofscrobbling hashtag on Twitter.