A Very G.O.O.D. Hype Chart


It’s time again for the Last.fm Hype Chart, showcasing the artists rising fast via their scrobbles on Last.fm. Read on with Last.fm Originals to find out more about this week’s top three.

This week’s #3 spot goes to Field Report, the Wisconsin band whose self-titled debut was released last week. A previous collaborator with Justin Vernon in his pre-Bon Iver days, front man Chris Porterfield has finally reached his own success with a Hype Score of 861. A total of 15,407 scrobbles to date show a good start, though with only two shouts on their artist page it’s clear that there are plenty more fans out there to reach.

At #2 is solo artist Angel Olsen, whose second release Half Way Home has contributed to a Hype Score of 1,972. Released earlier this month, the album has gained 24,268 scrobbles so far: “Acrobat” was named as Best New Track on Pitchfork, and has accordingly gained the most scrobbles of the release. With a strong showing for the rest of the tracks however, it seems the Missouri-born, Chicago-based Olsen is an exciting prospect for folk fans.

Angel Olsen appearing at:

The #1 spot is a collaborative effort: G.O.O.D Music is both the name of Kanye West‘s label, and the umbrella artist name for the songs on his first compilation Cruel Summer. Featuring Jay-Z, R. Kelly, and Kanye himself among a host of others, it was bound to attract some attention – and it’s come quickly, with Cruel Summer only released this week. A Hype Score of 3,405 has got them to the top, though reading the conflicting opinions in the shoutbox it’s not clear whether they’ll hold on.

Check out the rest of this week’s chart at Last.fm. Meanwhile, Last.fm Originals brings you the Hype Chart every Wednesday.