Best of the Blogs: Music Fan’s Mic


Every week we invite some of our favourite bloggers to get involved with and write a guest post. It’s a great opportunity to hear something new from some of the most celebrated tastemakers in the blogosphere, this week we’ve invited Music Fan’s Mic to get involved.

Music Fan’s Mic is a UK-based blog run by a 20-something self-proclaimed narcissist who also happens to like good music.

Run by Jamie Milton, Music Fan’s Mic recently joined the Portals blog collective, who are known for celebrating underground talent from all corners of the world. Music Fan’s Mic tries not to specialise in any genre or the other, but it tends to fall for dreamy bedroom pop and sophisticated electronic cuts.

Jamie has clocked 89,859 scrobbles since April 2006, which on average is 37 tracks per day! Find out what he’s listening to here.

Here are Jamie’s picks of some up-and-coming acts you should watch out for.


It might seem shallow to fall for a musician because they’ve got a certain skill with Photoshop, but that’s what happened with me and .Warner. The Nottingham producer had a selection of slick-looking images accompanying his choice down-tempo electronic tracks and I was drawn in. Visuals suit the mood of his tracks, too, as strange, lurking atmospherics join hands with a gentle R&B pulse. It’s ahead of the pack and .Warner’s one of the most promising blokes with Photoshop and Ableton that I’ve seen coming out of the country this year.


I’ve found myself obsessed with skilled producers who take the daring turn of adding in their own vocals. It’s a brave move and it only suits the best of them. S O H N, who by all means you should check out, pretty much perfects the art. But Grigori, also infuses his tracks with a certain soulful outer edge that steps things up a notch. I hear hints of Bon Iver guitar-work in his tracks, and it’s a comparison I can’t get away from: It’s subtle, but it’s there. Grigori is a pop songwriter hiding under an electronic mask. But it works.

Lovelier Other

The thing I enjoy most about writing for PORTALS is the site’s sense of community. We exchange tips and musical gossip all day, every day, and it’s really exciting to feel like you’re a part of something special. That’s what music’s all about, after all: sharing. Anyway, I passed on this Lovelier Other track to Tyler, who runs the Flashlight Tag blog, fell in love and posted it up on PORTALS. Lovelier Other is about as anonymous a project as it gets. Their bio reads: “A Band.” That’s it. But they’ve had early support from Mister Lies and Slow Magic so I’m guessing there’s a familiar face or two working behind the scenes.

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