Doom Rules the Hype Chart


It’s time again for the Hype Chart, the barometer of the fastest-rising acts based on your scrobbles. These are the artists you may not already know, making their way up the charts via fans of new music. Read on with Originals to find out who’s in the top three this week.

In at #3 is Bill Fay, who’s shot up the Hype Chart following the release of Life Is People, his first studio album in 40 years. Championed by modern artists such as Wilco, his 1970s albums have long been cult favourites, but a Hype Score of 642 is reflected with tracks such as “There Is A Valley” gaining 1,281 listeners in the past week.

NYC duo Blondfire find themselves at #2 this week, with a Hype Score of 939. This comes on the back of new track “Waves”, the first example of music they’ll be producing for Warner Bros in their new major-label deal. A band since 2004 but making music long before that, the siblings formerly known as Astaire have seen 1,478 new listeners for “Waves” over the past week.

In at #1 by a huge margin this week, the collaborative act of JJ DOOM (formed of MF DOOM and Jneiro Jarel) hit the ground running. The duo have gained a chart-smashing Hype Score of 4,054, due to their status as a brand-new act rising from near-zero to 101,786 overall scrobbles in just one month. Hip-hop fans have been sounding off in their shoutbox as to what they think, but there’s certainly plenty of people listening.

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