Built Upon Sand Music Video Premiere for Integrity


Here at Last.fm we spend pretty much all day listening to music, but every now and then, we come across a handful of artists that really stand out. With Discovery of the Week, we bring you the music that we feel deserves to be highlighted.  This week BVG (aka bryanrecommends) introduces Built Upon Sand

I am always ALWAYS looking to expand my metal/hardcore repertoire… its like some sick addiction.  I have fallen madly in love with the likes of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Every Time I Die, Unearth, Periphery, Shai Hulud… the list seems endless (Unearth pun intended.)  But again – I crave more.  So when I get something like Built Upon Sand dropped in my lap I find myself instantly intrigued but cautiously optimistic at the same time.

The sound is solid.  Above all else, BUS is almost disgustingly tight… like, meticulously and mouthwateringly perfect in their rhythms. Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, this Geordie post-hardcore crew consisting of Joe, Adam, Jack Boddy, Michael, Josh and Tom will indefinitely appeal to fans of Bring Me the Horizon, Architechs and the Amity Affliction.  Riddled with melody, their songs at a sensible polish to what would otherwise be layers of aggressive breakdowns.

Their attitude might be what impresses me the most.  Although barely introduced to them, an old-school basement show veteran such as myself can always find appreciation in musicians who have all of the right ambition, heart and soul to just get the f*#$ out there and play.  In their earliest stages, the boys (whilst still rounding out their roster) epitomized the DIY discernment, building experience and credibility along their local live circuit.  Expanding beyond their familiar neighborhoods, the entire UK is now a veritable stage for these fellows as they have relentlessly gigged alongside the likes of Dream On, Dreamer, Silent Screams, Martyr Defiled, Napoleon, Demoraliser and Fathoms.

Their debut EP Blind Justice is forthcoming, produced by Newcastle celeb Liam Gaughan.  Today we are proud to bring the exclusive premiere of the first single from the record: “Integrity”.

“A tale of two twisted souls separated by trust, encapsulated by Built Upon Sand’s raw emotion and melody” – Joe Pye



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