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Here at we spend pretty much all day listening to music, but every now and then, we come across a handful of artists that really stand out. With Discovery of the Week, we bring you the music that we feel deserves to be highlighted. This week, BVG (aka bryanrecommends) introduces Grizzly Knows No Remorse

The definition of gnarly, the four charming fellows from the city of Moscow have been kicking around tracks for a few years now but dropped an absolute BOMB on the masses with their brand new full length Fat Glasses and the Leather Moustache.  A brief intro – they are a Russian band that sing in english and are decisively for fans of Every Time I Die, Maylene & the Sons of Disaster, He Is Legend and so on.  Formed in 2008, the guys started young and slow – building and developing their southern / heavy metal sound in a land virtually depleted of any rock and roll.  I could go on and on about how I have had this album on loop for the past 4 days (50+ scrobbles and counting on my profile)… hooked by the bitchin’ riffs, hooky melodies and gorgeously juicy guitar tone but I had a privileged opportunity to chat with the guys who can walk us all through their story, music making process, the Russian punk-rock landscape and then give us a track-by-track rundown of the record (which you can stream alongside for that luscious ‘directors commentary’ experience.)

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Grizzly Knows No Remorse

We’re a four piece band. The members are: Andrew (Vocals), Victor (Guitars), Eugene (Bass) and Alex (Drums). We’ve been listening to a lot of old school Rock ‘N’ Roll as well as the modern music genres. We picked our instruments pretty much on impulse. Andrew is too lazy to play any instrument so vocals is his thing. Victor likes cool guitar solos. Eugene played guitar but by the time we realized that we don’t need a fifth band member he changed to bass. Alex is just awesome at playing drums.

What does the name “Grizzly Knows No Remorse” Mean?


Better don’t f**k with grizzly bear. It’s kinda dangerous. We wanted a name to fit with southern rock music. Something not very obvious and rhymed at the same tame. That’s how we came up with this.


What were some of your most influential bands growing up; and in contrast – what are some of your favorites right now?


The music we’ve been listening to was pretty much the same for all of us. Motorhead, Nirvana, Guns ‘N’ Roses and so on. Right now we really like bands like Gallows, Norma Jean, Foo Fighters, Every Time I Die and He Is Legend. It’s not the whole list of ’em but it kinda describes our music influences.




Are you very particular about your equipment? What do each of you prefer?


“Andrew: I got no personal mic because I got a bad history of losing a couple of them. As long as there is a mic at the club – I will use it. No problems.

Victor: I play Gibson Les Paul Classic, Gibson Sg and Nash Guitars Telecaster. Gibson is Gibson. I like Nash because of it’s Fender sound. I couldn’t find anything better and that’s why I f**king love that guitar.

Eugene: Right now I’m using Fender Jazz Bass 1996. That’s my first bass guitar to be honest since I was a guitar player before. Why I play it? Because it’s pretty damn good and I’m sure about it.

Alex: I play Paiste Cymbals and the whole bunch of different drums.”


Do each of you remember what the first show you ever attended was?


“Andrew: I was 15 and that was terrible. We painted our faces Black Metal style and the music sounded something like Mudvayne. The sh**tiest version of it. The club was really small and the sound was awful. That’s it.

Victor: I was 13 and played a couple of Nirvana songs at school. That probably was my best live performance. 😉

Eugene: My first show took place at some sh**ty open air. The were a lot of drunk guys and no one cared about who’s been playing. I was 16 but I felt awesome because the only thing I wanted that day is to go out and play some music. I think I made it.

Alex: That was some weird show at the circus. Can’t remember the details but that was strange.”




What is each of your alcoholic beverage of choice?


“Andrew: Jack Daniel’s. It’s the best. No objections.

Victor: I drink pretty much everything.

Eugene: I basically drink everything that burns.

Alex: Same as the others.”

LFM let’s users categorize bands with unique ‘tags’, for example you guys are classified as “rock” but also simply as “awesome”. If you could, how would you ‘tag’ yourself?


“Andrew: #wearetheparty

Victor: #livemadness

Eugene: #bigrussianbear

Alex: #getonthestage”


For those who may have never experienced it, tell us what the Moscow music scene is like


It’s pretty much dead since we have no heavy music record labels here in Russia. There are some really cool bands but for the most part the scene is kinda outdated if you will compare Russian bands to the foreign ones. Sadly the situation is not getting any better.


Russia is a pretty politically charged place right now – you do not need to go into the political, military or human interest topics specifically if you do not wish, but we are curious as to how some of the ‘unrest’ influences the punk-rock atmosphere.


We’re not into politics. We’re all about partying and having fun. Displeasure about politics is really big here already so there is no need in punk rock music to pour oil on flames. The flame is already burning.




Please give us a general overview of your creation & development of your latest record Fat Glasses & the Leather Moustache


The process was long, hard and fun at the same time. We wanted to create something different from our previous records. It took us really long to compose the whole material. The recording process has been much more easier. Nikolai helped us to understand each song’s basis. After that we changed some stuff here and there. We’re proud and satisfied with the result. Hope our fans like it as well. The order of songs is based on each song’s mood and intensity. We tried to balance the track list as much as possible. That’s it.


Let’s take a look at each track on the album, starting in order with the opener 1.) “What it takes and how it tastes”

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That’s a sad love song. It’s about making mistakes and then realizing them. It’s about something that you will never fix no matter how hard you will try, yet still you will refuse to believe everything is lost.

2.) We are the party

The song is all about partying obviously. It’s kinda angry as well. It’s about young’s riot. If you’re too old to party – GTFO.

3.) Good guys cum twice

Live every day like it’s your last. Do whatever you want. Don’t think about what could happen.

4.) Equalising mourning

It’s about god’s cruelness and it describes the whole situation from god’s perspective. You will praise him and he will still punish you. He will laugh at you and will never let you go. Yet still you will live through it no matter what.

5.) Godstasy

The angriest song on the whole album. Religion is f**ked. It’s time to change everything. Start a war against it and get rid of it. Life is already f**ked. It’s full of rules and taboos. Religion makes people hate each other even more. It’s not salvation but the instrument to control you. F**k it. Erase it.

6.) Waiting to be

We refuse to give our lives in god’s hands. There’s so much pain and anger already. Set us free. We’re waiting to be. Waiting to be free.

7.) Refuse, despise

We’re done. We’re wasted. We tried everything. We drank all the booze. We f**ked all the ladies. No rules. No morals. No regrets. Live as you like.

8.) The hangover anthem

It’s in the name. As long as you drink hangover will never let you go. It will follow you. It’s your only friend and your biggest enemy at the same time. There’s nothing you can do about it. Just get used to it.

9.) Glory hole

This is a dirty love story. About old lovers tired of life. They just want to end it together. Grab some pills and face your last party. Good night. We’re coming home.

10.) Wasted prophet

Death is the end and the end is coming. Everyone will die one day. There’s nothing you can do about it so just relax and have some fun.



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