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Here at we spend pretty much all day listening to music, but every now and then, we come across a handful of artists that really stand out. With Discovery of the Week, we bring you the music that we feel deserves to be highlighted. This week, BVG (aka bryanrecommends) introduces Pryti

Anthemic riffs, dark and grungy perfectly describes this British singer songwriter. Rock’s in her blood and and on her new record, Tales of a Melancholic (Out Feb. 16) Pryti wrote, sang, played the guitars and bass each and every track; all of which were produced by Justin Hill from Sikth. Pryti has received high reviews from the rock/metal community including Sam Carter (Architects) in Kerrang!.

The album sweeps deep into your soul with lush harmonies riddled with delay that reverberate in your heart until you feel as if you have gone through the same heartbreak that has inspired the songs themselves.  There is a grounded realism in the fictional if not fantastic overarching themes that most anyone who has ever experienced an emotion can find relatable (so robots need not apply.)  There is also a fascinating aspect of inspiration behind the stories that make up the songs that other fellow TV-philes will find interesting.  We had the chance to speak with the young and tremendously multi-talented Pryti – follow along to read what she has to say about her brand of hardrock & listen to the album itself!

Insomnia Lyrics
I'm still stuck on pause
In this time
Trapped in perfect memories
I can't deny
Anger turns into clenched teeth

Get ALL of the lyrics from Tales of a Melancholic over at Metrolyrics

Pryti: Hi I’m Pryti and i’m a hard rock singer songwriter from the UK. Tell us about your life in music – did you have a musical household or upbringing?
Pryti: I’ve always been singing, playing music ever since I was little that was always encouraged in my house. You play guitar/bass & sing on the record – which of these came first? Would you indulge us with a little bit about maybe your lessons, or method when it comes to these three aspects of music writing & performance?
Pryti: I’ve been singing since I was little and have had singing lessons and now I have them from time to time. I started playing guitar when I was 16 years old and I had a very good teacher that would teach me to play the songs I love. I also played music in my spare time like John Mayer, Michelle Branch when I was able to play songs from Room for Squares I was so happy. I don’t have any complicated bass parts in my songs because it’s generally about the guitars and vocals. I tend to write bass parts in the studio. Playing and listening to music taught me a lot about songwriting. My method generally is a riff may spark something or I’ll get an idea and I’ll work on it until it comes out. You have a robust history with Roadrunner, Beggars, Kobalt, and of course your very own endeavor: Welcome to Pariahville. Could you elaborate on your experiences with these companies and divulge how they influenced your view on music culture & your work as an artist?
Pryti: Yes I interned at all these companies Beggars and Kobalt were my longest internships I was with both companies for nearly a year. One thing they all have in common is they are all really passionate about music and the artists they work with. I got to see how music companies work and listen to loads of music. At Kobalt I interned and was a temp in the sync department I got to listen and help catalogue a lot of music. It influenced me in being a better artist when you listen to awesome artists you want to up your game. You cite TV & Film soundtracks as a major influence on your writing. Could you elaborate on what exactly you draw from these places and maybe list a few of your favorites?
Pryti: It’s the TV shows and films that influence me more than the soundtracks. The storylines inspire me to write about the characters. For instance my song “The Pessimist” was influenced by Elizabeth’s character in The Blacklist. I love the slow builds in music and songs that take you on a journey. I love music from shows like The Blacklist, Stalker, Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Scandal I also love the score for the Sleepy Hollow TV show. Your forthcoming record is titled Tales of a Melancholic – please give us a brief summary on where you drew from for this project, and what you hope listeners can take away from it.
Pryti: I drew from life, some characters that I love on TV shows, stories that I made up in my head. I always write my songs for people who don’t fit. What I want people to take away from it is that not fitting in can be a good thing. How did the production for ‘Melancholic’ compare to your experience creating the Welcome to Pariahville EP?
Pryti: When I recorded Welcome To Pariahville I had never recorded in a studio before and I never worked with a producer either. Justin Hill produced both Welcome To Pariahville EP and Tales of a Melancholic. When we recorded the EP I was still finding my sound and the tones of the guitars that would be perfect. When we recorded tracks from the album (which were recorded over the past couple years) we already knew the sound. I write my songs beforehand and then when in the studio we do some pre production and then once drums are done we find the tones of the guitars and record them, then the bass. I lay the vocal tracks down and then I write the guitar riffs. I love writing guitar riffs in the studio with the delay on my guitar it’s when you know studio magic exists. It’s really great to work with a producer that totally gets what I want. For the beginning of Angst I had the idea for how it would sound and Justin worked his magic. We have heard ‘Abyss’ and ‘Insomnia’ and are loving both the lush soundscape & heavy melodies. We would specifically like to ask you about tracks ‘Battle Wounds’ and ‘Purge’ however, as they definitely caught our ear in the office.
Pryti: I had the idea for ‘Purge’ a couple of years ago but it took a while to write it. ‘Purge’ is about constant rejection and not being able to deal with it. I had a story in my head for ‘Battle Wounds’ it’s about a couple who broke up, they want to get back together but it never works out – think Olivia and Fitz in Scandal. What can you tell us about who did the album art for ‘Melancholic’?
Pryti: I had the idea for the artwork and I went to my graphic designer who has done all my artwork. His name is Jon Barmby and he did an awesome job. We are all about discovery and connecting the dots here: what are YOU listening to presently?
Pryti: I’m listening to Deftones, Of Mice and Men, Killswitch Engage, Pvris, Iggy Azalea and Taylor Swift.
My biggest influences over the years are Deftones, Linkin Park, John Mayer, Sarah Mclachlan, Michelle Branch, Ani Difranco, Finch, Mariah Carey, George Michael and Paramore. Fans categorize you as metal, grunge and hard rock, but we like to ask the artist ‘how would you tag yourself?”
Pryti: anthemic, cinematic What comes after the release? Any upcoming live dates?
Pryti: I love to write songs for TV and film and I will hopefully be sorting out some live stuff soon.
You can preorder Tales of a Melancholic now digitally and you can buy my previous EP Welcome To Pariahville too.



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