The Silent Scene Kickoff Summer 2014 With Premiere Of ‘Collecting Hearts’


Here at HQ, we listen to a lot of music. Occasionally something catches our ear and stands out as something special. In Discovery of the Week, our staff bring you their personal picks and recommendations from their hours and hours of sifting through new music. This week, Gian Vassaliko (aka gianradio) brings you The Silent Scene

While Indie Dance/Electro House group The Silent Scene are currently hard at work in the studio working on their first full-length EP “Cities“, they’re dropping a little something special to hold fans over. The group (which features 2/4 members of Kicking Daisies) have just dropped a manic music video to their hit song, “Collecting Hearts“. The new EP, set to drop in July, will feature ‘Collecting Hearts‘ and a slew of other fresh tunes from the band that brought fans ‘Heartbeat‘ (Download ‘Heartbeat‘ on iTunes).

Click play below to check out the music video to “Collecting Hearts“:

The Silent Scene recently commented on their fresh sound and approach to writing their new EP saying “We want to revamp & reamp the whole four piece, two guitars, bass & drums format” says keyboardist/producer Ben Spremulli, “We’re throwing in elements of electro-house & indie-dance to innovate and reinvent that sound… we are finding out where we, as a four piece band, belong in the electronic dance scene“.

The band is also currently planning to tour the Northeast this summer and will ht the West coast for a tour beginning in August. They will be stopping by Originals for an exclusive interview in the coming weeks as well, so be sure to stay tuned to as well as the bands Official Site for news, studio updates, tour dates and more…

Click play below to watch The Silent Scene‘s exclusive behind the scenes YouTube series, “A Day In The Life“:

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