Full Terror Assault – A New Birth For American Metal Fans


Over here in Europe you could say we are a little spoilt for choice for open air heavy metal. From the UK’s Bloodstock to Germany’s Wacken to France’s Hellfest, we pretty much have dusty-outdoor-summer-head-banging covered.

But what about Stateside? There isn’t really much that caters for the extreme heavy metal fan. Mayhem Festival have just announced they won’t be continuing and Ozzfest are busy taking on Japan. So thank heavens, then, for Full Terror Assault – a heavy metal festival made by the fans.


Full Terror Assault is in its infancy (this is its first year, in-fact) and we are super proud to be a part of it by hosting a stage. Taking place in September in Illinois, the festival’s key names include UK grindcore veterans Napalm Death, doom/punk hybrid Eyehategod and thrash legends Obituary. See the full lineup above and get vital link material below (LOOK OUT FOR TICKET COMPETITIONS TO COME!)

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