CBS News ’50 Years Later’ Revisits Civil Rights Movement


CBS News have just kicked off the next installment in their ‘50 Years Later‘ series; following the success of February’s Beatles 50th Anniversary special. Hosted by Bob Schieffer, the once in a lifetime event will again be held live from the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City and is set to feature a panel discussion exploring the Civil Rights Act and the ground it’s broken 50 years after the legendary law was signed. Aside from speaking on the violent summer of 1964, the panel will also tackle the topics of marriage equality and gay rights as they pertain to today.

The eclectic panel is set to include Rep. John Lewis – “a pillar of the movement and a “personal hero” of Schieffer’s” as well as Harry Belafonte, historian Taylor Branch, openly gay NBA player Jason Collins, Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie Perez, gay marriage activist and lawyer Evan Wolfson and CBS Sports anchor James Brown. The event is powered by Microsoft Bing Pulse and will be carried live on July 24, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. ET/5:00 p.m. PT on the Smithsonian Channel as well as online; streaming at

Check out a few key insights into the Civil Rights movement below by Yoko Ono and Kesha and be sure to Click Here to check out the full ‘Civil Rights Experience Hub‘ for an even more in depth look at the movement from some of today’s most renowned artists, writers, thinkers and more:

Yoko Ono: Old prejudices will not survive

All my life, I have been exposed to racism and sexism. They kept following me around. However, I never thought I would be affected by ageism

Kesha: No law should stand between people in love

I got ordained as a minister so that I could perform a wedding ceremony for two of my friends in 2012 in California. It was such an amazing experience to help two beautiful women cement their commitment to each other through marriage

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