Norah Jones Woos Live On Letterman Crowd With Her Soulful Sound

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The notoriously chilly air at the Ed Sullivan Theater was heavy with anticipation for Norah Jones‘ Live on Letterman concert Wednesday night. Just a day after the release of her acclaimed album Little Broken Hearts, her fans in New York and thousands more at home couldn’t wait to hear the new material live. Norah did not disappoint, as she smoothly carried the crowd through a breathtaking blend of new material and classics.

Norah and her band cooly cruised on stage, as the chanteuse positioned herself coyly behind the keyboard and kicked it off with “Say Goodbye,” before donning her six-string and grooving into the title track off the new record. The first four songs came straight off the new album, and the entire audience was enthralled.

Say Goodbye Lyrics
Bring me back the good old days,
When you let me misbehave
Always knew, it wouldn't last,
But if you ask, I'd go again
Yeah, I'd go again

Norah and the bands’ sly and soulful sound had the audience hooked as they declared their undying love online and with applause. Midway through the set the crowd online was shouting out for “Happy Pills.”

And Norah gave them just what they wanted.

Norah closed the hour long set with a couple of classics including “Sunrise” and “Come Away With Me” before delighting the crowd with an encore of “Stuck.” For the entire show, Norah held the world in her hand and had the internet captivated by her style and grace.