Watch Keane Stageside Live from Austin

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British rockers and darlings, Keane performed a streaming webcast on Stageside Live from Austin, Texas, and you can see the whole thing, right here.

The lights dimmed in the Moody Theater as Keane walked onstage. Before the packed crowd could even see them, they lit the room up with applause.

Tom Chaplin coolly sang out the opening lyrics to “You Are Young,” the opening tack off their latest, Strangeland. As, “Young” faded out and was overtaken by screams and shouts from the fans, Tom declared to the crowd, “You are the stars of the internet, the stars of the TV tonight, so all you’ve got to do is sing your heart out.”

The lads launched into “Bend and Break,” and the adoring crowd did just as Tom asked, singing as if their night depended on it.  Then, Keane returned to mine Strangeland for more gold with “On the Road.”

Moving from “We Might as Well Be Strangers” to “Nothing in My Way,” Tom asked the crowd, “Are you ready to take it up another notch here? Singing voices at the ready!”

The band and fans joined together triumphantly in “Silenced by the Night,” refusing to be silenced for even one moment. From there, the excitement only grew, as Keane dove headfirst into one of their biggest hits, “Everybody Changed.”

Keane continued to shake the floor and delight their audience for over 90 minutes all together. Tom and the band sang their praises for Austin, the venue, and all the fans that have stuck with them for so long.

Keane rocked the rafters and brought the crowd to a hushed silence with both upbeat numbers and heart wrenching ballads from all four of their albums.  The crowd knew every word and sang along to every song. By the time they hit “Somewhere Only We Know” every phone was in the air.

Tom thanked the crowd profusely and the guys eased into “Bedshaped.” It was a more somber way to end the evening, but the crowd wasn’t ready to let them go just yet. Before they had even left the stage, the entire audience was demanding Keane come back onstage. And they obliged, with a massive three song encore, bringing the night to the overflowing conclusion it deserved.

If you’re a regular around here, you’re probably not surprised to see Keane’s name in a headline. They do really well on, and they even helped us launch Originals with an acoustic session at the Living Room in NYC.

This week, their top track on is “Somewhere Only We Know.”

Here they are performing that track at our inaugural session.

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Just in case you don’t know them yet, you can get the lyrics below.

Somewhere Only We Know Lyrics
I walked across an empty land
I knew the pathway like the back of my hand
I felt the earth beneath my feet
Sat by the river and it made me complete

In case you missed it, watch Keane Stageside Live from Austin, Tx, presented by AT&T.