A Diamond Session With Minus The Bear

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We were lucky enough to host an exclusive performance by Minus The Bear (26,419,277 total scrobbles) aboard the Lightship95 in East London. The band recently released their new album ‘Infinity Overhead’ and we had the Seattle quintet in to perform new tracks “Diamond Lightning” (above) and “Steel And Blood” (below).

We also had the chance to interview bass player Cory Murchy – we fielded questions from Last.fm users and chucked in some of our own too. Scroll down to check it out.


Minus The Bear – Steel And Blood

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Last.fm: Tell us about the two songs from your new album ‘Infinity Overhead’ that you performed today

Cory: “Two songs that I love performing from Infinity Overhead are Steel & Blood and Diamond Lightning.  They are two of my favorite songs we’ve ever made, and playing them is really fun! They just feel good.” 

Last.fm: How have you progressed musically on ‘Infinity Overhead’ after ‘Omni’?

Cory: “I think we are just in tune musically with each other more than we have ever been in the past. We have over a decade under our belts and it shows with how we are playing live these days. Shit’s tight.”

Kikibozu: What’s your favourite thing about living in Seattle?

Cory: “The proximity to the water and the woods is something I really love and appreciate about living in Seattle.  It can be just what the doctor ordered sometimes…”

Last.fm: Who are some of your favourite artists to come out of Seattle?

Cory: “While there have been countless bands to come out of Seattle, some of my favorite artists have been poets, most notable Stephen Jesse Bernstein and Richard Hugo.  If you aren’t familiar with them I highly recommend checking them out. Huge personal influences and big influences on many of the musicians in the community.”

Heyyydrea: If you could cover any song as a band, what would it be?

Cory: “If we had it my way we’d tackle some songs by The Cardigans. Love that band and I think it would be interesting to put our slant on it.”

Last.fm: How much of a challenge is it to translate your expansive studio sound to the live setting?

Cory: “Funny enough I feel like it’s more of a challenge to capture the energy of our live show in a studio setting. That said, I feel like Infinity Overhead has come the closest in that regard.”

Misterzachariah: To each member: Who is your favourite band/musician?

Cory: “Unfortunately you only get the bass player’s answer on this one, Misterzachariah… Trent Reznor is a force to be reckoned with. He is untouchable in my book.”

Last.fm: What has been your most memorable tour as a band?

Cory: “We’ve been really lucky to have some great tour memories, but last years 10 year anniversary tour was amazing. It was such a celebration every night and so rewarding on many levels. The run we did with Braid in ’04 was also epic. Very, um…”rock and roll”.”

Tweed15: What are your favourite songs to play live?

Cory: “Right now, Diamond Lightning and Toska are a blast to perform back to back. Steel And Blood is quite the jammer as well!”

Last.fm: Which artist(s) would you most like to collaborate with on a future poroject?

Cory: “I would absolutely love to work with Nina Persson. She’s the singer for The Cardigans and A-Camp. I adore her voice and think it would be amazing to have her sing on some MTB tunes.”

Threadstwdy: How did you become some of the most handsome men in the music industry?

Cory: “We’d like to thank our parents for this honor. They are some good looking folks themselves…”

Runjesse: If you had a table tennis tournament, who would win?

Cory: “My money is on either Dave or Erin. A real toss up between those two.” 

AColdDayInHell: You’ve been together collectively for over 10 years – what has kept you excited to still be making music together?

Cory: “Being able to play shows and watch people freak out with sheer enjoyment has been a major driving force in keeping us going. The sharing of that energy and appreciation is a two way street, and it has provided us with the best job any of us could have ever dreamed of.  Our fans keep driving us to do more, and I can’t thank you all enough!”


‘Infinity Overhead’ has been well accepted by Minus The Bear fans, with the album steadily working its way towards 200,000 scrobbles since early August:

Check out the official music video for “Steel And Blood”:

Minus The Bear are currently on tour across America with Cursive and Caspian, check out the dates HERE.


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