America Is The Right Place For Olly Murs

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Olly Murs - Interview

Olly Murs talks about coming to the U.S. and life 3 records after "The X Factor"

X Factor alum Olly Murs is on top of his game, putting out an album per year after finishing runner-up in the talent contest. “I always feel like I owe [my fans] something, I want them to be happy with what I’m doing.” His latest and most exciting effort is Right Place, Right Time (Out on iTunes in April), and indeed the title is apropos. He’s taking America by storm, and that’s the place he wants to do it, and this is the time.

With his new single, “Troublemaker”, Olly teamed up with hip-hop giant Flo Rida to create an undeniably catchy and fun song and video:

Troublemaker Lyrics
You're a troublemaker
You're a troublemaker

You ain't nothing but a troublemaker girl

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