Jacob Whitesides Shares A Piece Of Himself With Last.fm

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Jacob Whitesides: The Last Word on fans, cereal & A Piece Of Me

Jacob Whitesides divulges to Last.fm his top priorities: making honest, cool music... connecting & hanging out with his fans... and eating delicious cereal

Singer/songwriter Jacob Whitesides started his career posting covers of songs on Youtube in order to woo a girl he liked.  Following that catalyst, he (as well as thousands of subscribers) realized that he was actually extraordinarily talented at singing & the guitar.  He has since begun writing his own original tunes & following the release of his sophomore EP A Piece Of Me he came to Last.fm studios to share his gift.  Watch below for a couple of samples from his latest recordings.

Jacob Whitesides – “Let’s Be Birds

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Born in the ‘backwoods’ of Knoxville Tennessee, Jacob would attend bluegrass festivals with his dad, who then gifted him his first guitar.  Though his relationship with his dad eventually soured, Whitesides poured himself into making music and began gigging around Knoxville. His covers of artists such as John Legend, Plain White T‘s, John Mayer and others made their commercial debut  in in the form of 2014’s 3 AM: The EP, and his original earnest, melodic pop songs made their debut appropriately on Valentines Day of this year, pulling in a hearty 20k scrobbles.

Jacob Whitesides – “Ohio

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ohio Lyrics
At 14 I used to talk to myself
Paint my bedroom with stars
One for each time my dad flaked out
Got a galaxy of scars
You know that feeling that you get when ya

Presently, Jacob is being a wonderful and loving son by supporting his mom as she battles breast cancer, as well as continuing to pursue his music dreams with an upcoming tour of Europe. Join Jacob at his shows and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to join him backstage for a chat & a bowl of cereal!


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