Johnnyswim Perform A Very Special Session

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Johnnyswim - Sessions Interview

Abner & Amanda discuss meeting/makingout/marriage, self producing their album, philosophy of music/life & The Doobie Brothers Tribute

It begins with a story of courtship which led to practice, which led to jamming, which led to making-out, which led to Paris, which led to marriage, which led to Johnnyswim.  The Nashville based duo composed of Amanda Sudano and Abner Ramirez began writing and singing together in the spring of 2006 and found that their similar influences of folk, soul, and rock blended together lusciously.  Here we have Johnnyswim in studio at performing songs from their new album Diamonds and giving us the low down on self producing the record, their philosophy of music/life & contributing on an upcoming The Doobie Brothers Tribute alongside Michael McDonald.

Originally from Jacksonville, Florida: Ramirez trained as a musician at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts; while Sudano is the daughter of the late disco and R&B singer Donna Summer, and even spent summers as a backing vocalist on tour.

You may have stumbled across Johnnyswim when they regularly performed new material & famous covers for the New Music Mondays installment on their official YouTube Channel, or perhaps during their visits to Live From Daryl’s House, The Late Show with David Letterman, or their recent Tiny Desk Concert on NPR.  

We have an extra-special super-intimate Session with the duo as just that: the two of them.  Watch sparks fly between husband on wife as they serenade on our stage:


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Falling for Me Lyrics
I'm a diamond in the rough and wild
You're a heart that's just too wild and free
I'ma looking for a hand to hold me
You're just looking for a chance to bring me to my knees

Nashville newspaper “the Tennesean” describes Johnnyswim as ,”A mix of Lauryn Hill and John Mayer,” while the band list their influences as, Stevie Wonder, Johnny Cash, Thom Yorke,Coldplay, John Legend, John Mayer, Bob Dylan,Feist, Robin Thicke, & Shangrala.  Their sound is perfectly culminated in their self-produced, recently released record Diamonds (available now from itunes).

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Diamonds Lyrics
In the wake of every heartache
In the depth of every fear
There were diamonds, diamonds
Waiting to break out of here.

Catch them out on the festival circuit this summer:

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Home Lyrics
Right 'round the corner
Down by the canyon
I met a man who lost his way.

He said I'm the son

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