Originals Best of 2012: Immortal Technique

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Immortal Technique - Interview

Rap legend Immortal Technique speaks with on the streets of Brooklyn after performing at a special hip hop edition of Sessions. Watch more at

When we took over Public Assembly this past summer we knew it would be a hot show… considering we had a lineup consisting of twin-pop duo Tru Fam, Queens born Homeboy Sandman, producer and MC Oddisee and the legend that is Immortal Technique.  But we truly had no idea what we were in for.  We are naming Immortal Technique as the show stealing artist for ‘Best of 2012’, but seriously… everyone on that bill deserves a shout out.

Everybody’s feature, interview and full set from the Champs‘ Hip-Hop show:

Tru Fam | Homeboy Sandman | Oddisee | Immortal Technique

Born of Peruvian descent, the activist musician takes on hot social, religious, racial and political issues with his rhymes.  Tech is in your face both live and on his record.  His fans reflect his passionate words with their consistent scrobbling.

On the list of Immortal Technique‘s most-scrobbled songs of all time, “The Point Of No Return”  has hovered amongst his top 10 for months. Tech performed that song, originally released on his 2003 album Revolutionary, Volume 1. Here’s a look at Tech’s other top-scrobbled tracks.


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