Video: Panama Wedding Perform Live in Studio

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Panama Wedding "Parallel Play" interview ( Sessions)

Panama Wedding perform songs from 'Parallel Play'; describe relevance of that album title as well as the band's workflow & song selection process.

Fronted by Peter Kirk from New York City, with support by Lauren Zettler, Jared McCarthy, Brett Spigelman and Kenny Bernard, Panama Wedding was recently signed to Glassnote Records.  Kirk was playing classical piano growing up in Long Island’s Oyster Bay and he made it a habit to record songs in his bedroom with his friends. When he moved to New York City as an adult, Kirk rented a studio in midtown Manhattan to continue exploring writing and recording music.  Enjoy a play through of two of Panama Wedding’s top scrobbled tracks in a format only heard in the Studios.  Listen in as Kirk describes how the title of the debut EP Parallel Play is a reference to how the band worked on the album, ‘separately together’.  Kirk also clues the audience in on how the band writing/workflow & song selection process works.

Panama Wedding – “All Of The People” (87.6 scrobbles)

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All Of The People Lyrics
I said: "Babe,
well aren't we a little bit old now
for this crazy game?
Is it safe now
that winter's gone?

Kirk is not dwelling upon the buzz garnered from his musical outfit’s breakthrough track “All Of The People”; instead, he is preparing a rich career full of expertly crafted songs that defy categorization, and a live show that grows more muscular as his audiences swell. “All Of The People” is an enduring anthem and envious first act, but Kirk has much more up his sleeve.  After years of militantly fine-tuning & honing a concoction of pop, adult-contemporary and electronic music, Kirk originally sought confirmation & support from close friends.  The feedback carried Kirks talents beyond his inner-circle and led him to decide to take the show on the road.  He continued to build his live presence as he recruited more musicians into his performance and inevitably garnered the interest of a local manager who suggested Kirk generate & release a new more ‘polished’ version of “All Of the People”, which was met with even more fan praise & started to pop up on tastemaker sites all over the web.  Now, exactly 1 year later – Panama Wedding celebrates the anniversary of their first major release with a remix by Noise Noise

After a string of acclaimed sold-out performances during the CMJ Music Marathon in fall 2013, Panama Wedding finalized a deal with Glassnote Records, aligning Kirk’s project with the company behind best-selling artists like Mumford & Sons, Phoenix and CHVRCHES, among many others. This past spring brought about the release of the Parallel Play EP as well as a full U.S. tour with RAC. This fall Panama Wedding are supporting Dan Croll on tour in the UK through October and then going right into November on tour withSmallpools & Magic Man.  In the most immediate future however, Panama Wedding are on the bill for the All Things Go Fall Classic festival featuring other Session Alum such as US Royalty & Bear Hands.

Panama Wedding – “Trust” (3k scrobbles)

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