Penguin Prison Goes Acoustic for

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Penguin Prison: The Last Word on 'Lost in New York'

Penguin Prison talks to about his latest record "Lost in New York:

Cinco de Mayo is a fitting release date for Penguin Prison‘s (AKA Christopher Glover) new album, Lost in New York. Not because it has a Mexican influence, but because it is a perfect dance record for any party celebrating anything. Tight and textural, the upcoming followup to 2011’s eponymous debut, Penguin Prison  has an air of authenticity and lack of irony not often heard in modern electronic music. More than just a result of his use of vintage synthesizers and instruments, the songs themselves transport the listener to another time; any of his songs could just as easily be a disco hit from the ’70s or a dance pop song of the ’80s.

Glover is a native of New York. “Born and raised,” he proclaims, “One of the best things about New York is just walking around aimlessly with no destination.” Lost in New York is a bittersweet love letter for the city he calls home, simultaneously a fond reflection of the joys of inhabiting the world’s biggest apple, and a despairing and disenchanted requiem for the slow slide into gentrification it has undergone over the last decade or so.

When Glover came into the studio, we got a much different rendition of his songs than most will hear on his album or in his live show. He arrived with an acoustic guitar in tow and nothing else. “I don’t really write any songs just on a guitar,” he explained, and if you listen to any of his releases, it may seem unfathomable that they could even be performed acoustically, but lo and behold, here they are:

“Calling Out”

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“Try To Lose”

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