Soundcheck Session With Baby Bee

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Baby Bee - Interview

CLIP 4:44 | Jul 11, 2013

Talkin' music in the basement at Mercury Lounge NYC

Hailing from Southern Louisiana (“You can’t go any farther south or you’ll drown in the Gulf of Mexico”), rock duo (and occasional trio) Baby Bee are busting onto the scene with their own unique brand of high-octane blues rock.

David and Joe Stark, the masterminds behind Baby Bee, are brothers who have been playing music together since they can remember. Their style and musical tastes developed parallel to one another. Growing up near New Orleans, one of the greatest hubs for musical culture in the U.S., didn’t hurt either.

We caught them during their soundcheck at Mercury Lounge, shortly before they tore the lid off the legendary venue.

“High Heel Leather Boots”

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Tomcats West, Fort Worth 76116, United States
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Joe and David teamed up to form the stripped down rock and roll duo Baby Bee in the fall of 2011. Their self-released Drop It Like A Bomb—produced by Dave Cobb (The Secret Sisters, Waylon Jennings)—organically garnered some high-profile attention. Eventually, it made into the hands of Republic Records who signed the band after a hyper-energetic New York showcase during the summer of 2012. A self proclaimed “back-to-basics” band, Baby Bee’s musical sophistication contests the notion, as they take a historical laundry list of musical nuances and mash them into the face of every drunken party-rocker before they realize what hit them. The sons of musician parents, and no strangers to boozy Mardi Gras parties, these brothers play their brand of music with one foot in the swamp and the other in a pool of infectious pop melodies. The band has an instinctual inclination to write songs with big choruses and a boogie beat that makes everyone want to move their feet.

“Another And Another”

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Presently leading their Top Tracks chart is debut single “High Heel Leather Boots” and “Love Bug” from AMC’s The Walking Dead Soundtrack

baby bee top tracks

Joe gets a feel for the sound of the room before going into the bluesy “Anyway, Anytime”

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New album The Shaker recently hit shelves and encompasses the bands unique way of blending influences from their upbringing with an urgency that is explosively modern. These Louisiana boys stir up a gumbo of Chuck Berry and Queens of The Stone Age and serve it up in a bare bones bowl of confidence and swagger. Baby Bee know how to keep any rock and roll listener entertained and wanting more.

Pick up The Shaker on iTunes

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