The 1975 Revive Pop Glory Days

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The 1975 - Sex

Matthew from The 1975 gives a rare acoustic performance of the band's single, "Sex"

As soon as The 1975 arrived at to throw down a Session it became clear this was not business-as-usual.  Singer and frontman Matthew Healy walked in and immediatley the room was caught up in tales about growing up, classic records, girls and Mortal Kombat. We almost forgot to hit record when Healy sat down and performed a truly unique, newly-arranged solo-acoustic rendition of  the band’s single “Sex” that made us believe he may possibly be the illegitimate child of David Byrne and Michael Jackson.

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The four-piece pop-rock outfit from Manchester formed during their collective teen years.  In 2002 Matthew found Adam Hann (guitar), George Daniel (drums), and Ross MacDonald (bass) and from there they began constructing what most would have called the a-typical teen-angst punk outcry.  It wasn’t until 2012 after they had found their rhythm that the beginning of something extraordinary came to be.  Years of countryside musicianship combined with a wealth of historical appreciate for all things pop, rock and R&B started to melt in the pot and out popped the first of a trilogy of EP’s: Facedown.   This has brought a steady up-tick in their overall scrobbles and a veritable flocking to their live shows.

Premiere single “The City” garnered much acclaim from BBC Radio1 and by the time more critics had their ears to the ground, the band cranked out another EP: Sex.  This is where the shuttle began to take off.  Theres a mass generational appeal to the lyrics and while the conceptual song structure focuses on the trials and tribulations that we all endeavor (love, loss, hope, death, fear… really anything appropriate for a John Hughes movie), its how these concepts come to play off of each other in the big picture that really define The 1975. This is what happens when you were born to write pop  tunes with no baggage. No guilty pleasures here.  This is the pop the people deserve.

Hitting SXSW with force this year and reeling from the continually positive reception of the latest EP: Music For Cars; theres no sign of slowing down.  With more music on the horizon and an ongoing relationship with producer Mike Crossey (Arctic Monkeys,Foals, Jake Bugg), we can expect a lot more development from this energetic, smooth and appealing pop-anthem machine. Presently on the road, keep an eye out for the upcoming full-length to hit right before summer.

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