Tommy & The High Pilots Won’t Get Out Of Your Head

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Tommy & The High Pilots - Out Of My Head

Tommy & The High Pilots perform the song "Out Of My Head" off their upcoming album Only Human

Tommy & The High Pilots, led by the band’s namesake Tom Cantillion, are prepared to take over the world with their upcoming Only Human. 2013 will see Tommy and the gang pushing further into the public consciousness, touring heavily to promote what is their most solid release yet. This is only half of the session they did with us, look out for the rest once the album is out.

Good natured and fun, The High Pilots were a blast to have in the studio, and talk to as human beings. Their positive energy doesn’t stop at their music, their sense of humor is sharp and they actually get along with each other (go figure). Tom and Michael (keys/guitar) are brothers, which oftentimes can be a hazardous combination, but for them it works. They’re like an anti-Oasis. During our interview, the brothers gave us some insight into their songwriting process and the growing trend in album funding, crowdsourcing.

You need Flash player 10+ and JavaScript enabled to view this video.

There’s still time left to preorder Only Human on their Pledge Music Page. The fate of Steve’s Beard rests in your hands.

Check out the lyric video for the title track of the new album:

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