Video: Meet Kim Cesarion, The Swedish Singer-Songwriter Who Loves To Get Undressed

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Kim Cesarion Sessions Interview

Columbia records latest prodigy is the young Swedish singer-songwriter Kim Cesarion. We are extremely excited to share this conversation with him about Stockholm, the first time he picked up a violin, his undying love for D'angelo and the process of creating his tremendous brand of R&B including the hit "Undressed"

We want to introduce you to a new talent that we as a musical curation team are extremely excited to feel like we have truly beaten many others to the punch on this one.

Born to a Guadeloupean dancer/musician and a Swedish-Greek instrumentalist Kim Cesarion (613k scrobbles + counting) seemed to be destined for music even before he was born.  But it was his grandmother who realized his fascination while trying to conduct the music on television; it was then she put a violin in his hands and the rest is history (still being written.)  By the way: props to Kim for teaching us out to say “Look for me on” in Swedish!

The 22 year old may have started with violin, but has since [seamlessly] included viola, upright bass & piano to his repertoire; whilst focusing on his singing chops during highschool and ultimately pursuing the role of songwriter.  Classical was the frequented style for his school performances, but Cesarion’s household was filled with jazz, calypso, soul & R&B (his favorites.)  Listening to him sing now its very obvious that the major players in his day-to-day soundtrack were the likes of Prince, George Clinton, James Brown, Curtis Mayfield and ESPECIALLY D’angelo.

“Undressed” (422k scrobbles)

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Undressed Lyrics
I feel hazy
Why is everything black and white?
I feel dizzy
Like my fucking head is full of dynamite
Jump in my Mercedes

Cesarion is a team player through and through; loyally admiring his management & accompaniament.  Becuase he recognizes that without these people he would not have been able to bring his debut single “Undressed” to the masses (85k listeners on  “Undressed”, being an intelligent modern mash-up of quirky pop tune and slick, up front-r’n’b, then became the catalyst that showed the way forward. Since then the team’s been working devoted with their music formula, creating real good pop-r’n’b – both worthy potential massive chart climbing and great live performances, and where at least the later is Kim Cesarion’s own purpose with his music.

“I Love This Life” (50k scrobbles)

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I Love This Life Lyrics
She had a triple six tattoo,
kinda scared me for a minute
She said "I really really like you"
before i knew it i was in it

Kim recently returned home for a show in Stockholm following the release of the most recent single: “Brains Out”

As stated in “Undressed”, his name is “Whatever You Call Him”, but more likely Kim Cesarion will be the name on everyone’s lips.

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