Colette Carr Makes A “Sonic reSTART,” Works With Frankmusik (Q&A)


Perhaps she was taking a play out of Sam Smith’s book when she woke up one day and said, “Let me restart.” However it happened, re-start is exactly what Colette Carr decided to do when crafting the songs on her new EP Static. Start, out this week. This is one of those rare cases when an artist takes a moment to pause, evaluate the musical direction her career is taking, and recognize that something needed to change.

The results of this moment of soul-searching can be found in the 4 songs on this new EP, including the title track “Static.” Helping Carr find her way forward was friend and collaborator (and renowned English writer/producer) Frankmusik. We caught up with Carr recently to discuss this collaboration and the motivation behind her musical re-boot. Do you remember the very first song or artist you fell in love with as a kid? How have your tastes changed over the years?

Colette Carr: I’m pretty sure it was Barney’s “I love you, you love me” which is still the jam. A lot of the music I grew up around is still my favorite to get lost in; The Cure, The Smiths, Neil Young, Depeche Mode, Visage, Suzanne Vega, Tears For Fears, Led Zeppelin.

LFM: What does it mean to make a “sonic reSTART”?

CC: It means I’m more focused and organized. It felt like I was trying to juggle while running on a treadmill so I stepped off for a while and really got rid of my confusions. This new start is clarity.

LFM: How & where did you first meet Frankmusik?

CC: We met at CherryTree El Adobe, an event we were both performing at and shortly worked together in the studio after that.

LFM: What made you confident that he was the right producer to work with?

CC: I like working with friends and I like friends that are honest and he is both. I can always count on him to tell me I sound terrible or I need to improve lyrics and his honesty pushes me to a place that I am very proud of. We work hard and fast together and from past experiences I knew that the mojo was already there.

LFM: Are you excited about moving up the release date for your EP?

CC: Moving up the release date intensified the feelings of nervousness, excitement and to-do-list-stress but I’m so ready for people to hear this new start it’s not even funny.

LFM: You’re not afraid to get messy in your music videos (ie: “HAM”). Do you have any surprises in store with your new videos?

CC: I usually surprise myself, a lot of what makes the final cut of the video are last minute ideas on set. Improv is my favorite, and so is making a mess, that’s part of the reason I’ve been covered in so much paint and glitter lately.

LFM: Who are some of your dream collaborators?

CC: Eminem, Dr Dre, Drake, Missy Elliott, Suzanne Vega.

LFM: We love embarrassing moments – have you ever had one on-stage?

CC : I tripped over a wire mid verse, flew into the air and continued singing from the ground. It wasn’t a casual fall, it was a cartoon banana peel situation.

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