Damien Rice Returns After 8 Years With New Album, “My Favourite Faded Fantasy”


Irish singer-songwriter Damien Rice is back with his third full-length studio LP, “My Favourite Faded Fantasy“. The album, which was produced by Rick Rubin, has been quite a long time coming for Rice, whose last album, “9“, was released almost 8 years ago. The new album sports 8 fresh tracks that show Rice once again at the top of his game – something he partially credits to Rubin who “got his engine started again”.

Click play below to listen to “My Favourite Faded Fantasy” in full:

Speaking in a recent interview on the new album as well as his 8-year silence, Rice shared “I’m not the guy that wants to be famous and make loads of money and sell loads of records. I don’t want that. I just want to be true. I want to be … I want to serve music. I want to be honest.”

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Official “My Favourite Faded Fantasy” Tracklist:
1. My Favourite Faded Fantasy
2. It Takes a Lot To Know a Man
3. The Greatest Bastard
4. I Don’t Want To Change You
5. Colour me In
6. The Box
7. Trusty and True
8. Long Long Way

Click play below to watch the official music video to ‘I Don’t Want To Change You‘:

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