Laura Marling Brings Fans “Short Movie” LP


Laura Marling (24,647,745 Scrobbles) is back on the hot seat with the release of her brand new “Short Movie” LP. Marling, who first started recording at the age of 17, moves into new musical territory on “Short Movie“; trading lush sounds for raw electric guitar – making for perhaps the boldest statement of Marling’s still young career.

Click play below to listen to “Short Movie” in full:

The “Short Movie” LP is Marling’s fifth release in just seven years, which is something she’s not surprised about. The singer/songwriter mulled on her prolific writing in a recent interview, sharing: “The reason probably I’ve made five records is because I can fucking organize something. I can organise the shit out of anything. If you need something organised, I’ll do it for you. I’m very practical; I get stuff done; I’m very rational. And all of that is a form of control.”

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Official “Short Movie” Tracklist:
1. Warrior
2. False Hope
3. I Feel Your Love
4. Walk Alone
5. Strange
6. Don’t Let Me Bring You Down
7. Easy
8. Gurdjieff’s Daughter
9. Divine
10. How Can I
11. Howl
12. Short Movie
13. Worship Me

Click play below to watch Marling’s short film ‘When Brave Bird Saved‘:

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