UPDATE: He Is Legend Exclusive Interview – New Record “Heavy Fruit” Now Available!


He Is Legend (5 million scrobbles) is back with their first new record since 2009’s It Hates You (19k listeners), and with Heavy Fruit now on physical and digital shelves, we scored a few minutes to talk to lead singer, Schuylar Croom.

Heavy Fruit is potentially heavier/bluesier than other recent music… citing some fan feedback on Last.fm users brings comments like “[you] haven’t changed [your] sound as drastically as has been done in the past albums… not a bad thing though because the sound suits so well.”  All in all, the fanbase has been saying that “The wait has been worth it”.  Tags such as post-hardcore, beardcore, sludge metal & southern rock dominate the band’s profile, from their top scrobbled track ‘The Seduction’ right down to the most recent album leaks.  Read along for some words from Schuylar on writing and consuming an ALBUM as a whole.

Last.fm: First, would you please introduce yourself.  

He Is Legend: I’m Schuylar and I’m the vocalist for He Is Legend.

LFMThis is your first album since 2009 following sabbatical/hiatus; what spawned the writing? What inspired you to create a new record? 

HILI think just wanting to do it. Everyone kind of had their own thing going on. Adam was constantly writing and everything kind of fell into place. We never decided that we weren’t going to make music again.

LFMCould you take us on a short journey from 91025 til now? A lot has happened with the band from members to side projects/guest fill-ins (Maylene). What is your retrospect on the last 10 years?

HILThat’s a tough question, man. That’s a novel that should be written. Essentially we are doing the same things we used to. That’s a pretty big question. It’s like looking in the mirror, you see the same damn face all your life.

LFMObligatory question: With the band name based on ‘I am Legend’ … what are some other Matheson (or even non-Matheson) works you enjoy reading?

HILI’m a Steven King fan, actually. I was reading an article in a horror movie magazine about Matheson and the name of the article was “He Is Legend.” 

LFMWhat has the experience with Tragic Hero Records been like so far? 

HILIt’s been cool. There’s not a lot to say really. We try to be as minimalist as possible and they always have our backs.

LFMWhat do you want fans to take away from ‘Heavy Fruit’?

HILI just hope everyone digs it. We don’t really have a plan outside of that.

LFMWho did the album art for ‘Heavy Fruit’ ? 

HILOur friend from back home Kate Sinclair. She’s a really talented artist.

LFMWith the record debut only a week away, what are some of the pre-order perks available now? 

HILI know we have a few things that are pretty rad. “It Hates You” and “Heavy Fruit” will be on vinyl. 

LFMThe first song to leak from the record was ‘Something Something Something Witchy’; could you give us a little behind the scenes on the development of the song? 

HILWe didn’t really put that much thought into it as far as planning it out. We literally just wanted to release a song before we went on tour. The record is something that you need to sit down and listen to the whole thing, so we didn’t really know what song to put out first. It didn’t really matter to us. Adam had the idea for the music and we just flushed out a bunch of different melodies. 

LFMToday we are premiering ‘Spout Mouth’ on Last.fm / What is the story behind this track? 

HILIt’s not like we sat down and said “this track is gonna be this.” We write albums, we don’t try to write singles. We’re excited for people to hear all the songs, it’s nice when someone says there is a stand out track, but we feel like all the songs are stand out tracks. I don’t like to really explain what the songs mean because I want people to be able to interpret it in their own. It’s like if I wrote “Black Hole Sun” and told you it was about nothing, but you were eating acid in the woods listening to that song and it changed your life you wouldn’t want to find out it was about nothing. I don’t want to ruin it for somebody. 

LFMWho did your work with in the studio on the record? What else can you tell us about the technical/production side? 

HIL: It was just us and our producer Mitch. It’s what you get when you come to our shows. There wasn’t any secret gold moon guitars or anything. Billy Gibbons didn’t come in and shred a solo or anything, ha.

LFMYou have 138k listeners & 5.5 million plays amongst our site users: ‘The Seduction’ is still the overall #1 most listened to track amongst the Last.fm community. How does that make you feel?

HILI don’t know, I don’t really think about it. Like it makes me wonder if people just see that it’s the most played song so they listen to that one first and that’s keeps it the number one song. People don’t really buy full albums and absorb them anymore. They go on streaming pages and listen to song with the most plays usually. I’m really glad people like it, though.

LFMWe are all about musical discovery here… what are you all currently listening to/ most interesting new addition to your library?

HILWe can’t stop listening to that new 2 chainz mixtape. We listen to it pretty much everyday. Before we go on stage. Mostly gangster rap. That new Tom Petty slays too.

LFMWhat is in store for the Mega Deaf Tour?

HILIt’s loud and crazy. Maylene and Wilson are bringing it every night and we’re just having a good time.

LFMAny additional comments/plugs/looking forward to? 

HILYea man, buy the record, ha!

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