Within Reason Rock GRAMMY Live: The Gig of a Lifetime

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Birmingham, Alabama based, nationally touring rockers Within Reason crushed GRAMMY Live: The Gig of a Lifetime. One click above to stream their full performance from the Clive Davis Theater at the GRAMMY Museum tells that story with skull shocking certainty, but The Gig of a Lifetime is more than just that one show, and day after day, through interviews, music video shoots, commercial shoots, the red carpet, and so much more, Within Reason rose to the challenge and delivered headliner performances as they reaped the benefits of years of hard work.

Just hours after winning the fan-voted Gig of a Lifetime contest, Chris Dow (vocals), David Koonce (bass), Griffin Zarbough (drums), and Matt Barnes (guitar, vocals) stepped on a flight to Los Angeles. From the moment they touched California soil (or concrete, as the case may be), the media blitz exploded. Camera flashes enveloped their every move and the red glow of the record light followed wherever the band went. We had originally intended to embed their entire rock and roll  barnstorming of Los Angeles for you right here, but quite frankly, there’s just too much, so we’re boiling it down to the best of the best, with some commentary from the band.

Whether you’ve been in the front row since their first show years ago or if you just learned about Within Reason on the GRAMMY broadcast last night, we’ve got a complete experience for you right here including their full Gig of a Lifetime concert from the GRAMMY Museum, their GRAMMY Live interview with John Norris, GRAMMY red carpet interviews, a full album stream, and much more, so dig in, turn it up, and get ready to rock.

As the lights dropped to kick off the Gig of a Lifetime concert, last year’s winners, tourmates, and brothers of the band, Almost Kings introduced Within Reason with a surprise video. The guys were shocked to see it, and honestly, a little more emotional than they’d like to tell you.

As you’ve likely seen by now, Within Reason brought the thunder and rocked the house at that show, but Matt Barnes had some concerns you may not have noticed:

“It was such an honor to be playing live in LA doing what I love to do most, and even that much more of an honor for it to be done in the GRAMMY Museum.  But the one thing I feared most was slipping and busting my butt on stage in a puddle of my own sweat in the CLIVE DAVIS THEATER!!”

If you asked the band what the highlight of their week was, you’d probably get a laundry list of everything they did over a 10 day period, or as Koonce told us, “Every day I wake up and make sure the day before was not a dream. Each day topped the one before.”

One event that will be hard to top was their music video and commercial shoot for their lead single “We’ll Have it All” for the Microsoft Surface.

The band and production team worked together like a well oiled machine, but Griffin told us there was one thing the crew hadn’t counted on. “I had to do so many retakes on my shot (during the video shoot) because I kept breaking stick after stick, but I will never forget after my first take shattering both sticks and the entire crew applauding and laughing because they weren’t prepared for how hard I actually hit.”

Frontman Chris Dow was most surprised by how fast the band’s buzz spread once they were in town, as one highlight snowballed into another. “When our friends at CBS introduced us to a group of industry guys at the GRAMMYs rehearsal, they said they had just read about us in The LA Times, and it all set in how big this deal really is.” (Check out the full LA Time article) Chris laughed about the placement of the article, “Only Within Reason would make the cover page of the business section in The LA Times.  Haha! They must have seen how hard we work.”

Chris may laugh about the band’s work ethic, but it’s no joke. The guys busted their humps, sticks, road cases, and everything else they had, tirelessly working around the clock. There was a seemingly unending train of interview after interview.

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If you need further proof, check out their piece with John Norris at GRAMMY Live or their other interview on CBS’ GRAMMY Live stream from the red carpet or their coverage on Birmingham’s CBS 42 and other hometown outlets, just to name a few. The guys even stopped by E!’s Glam Cam 360 at the GRAMMYs.

However, if you’re new to the band, the video below may be your best introduction (outside of the music itself).

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Throughout it all, the band stayed humble and worked hard, while enjoying every moment. Chris told us, “This gets more real every day. I now see why they say ‘The World is Listening’ at the GRAMMYs, and now they are hearing Within Reason.  This truly is the ‘Gig of a Lifetime.’” Speaking of listening, checkout Within Reason’s latest EP, After the Crawl below.

Over the past six months, Within Reason has been holding steady with their Last.fm Listening Trend chart, but next week, when the numbers following this new exposure come in, we’re expecting a big spike on the right.

Of course, a group of guys like Within Reason wouldn’t leave LA without a few last words, so here is a look at the experience, as they saw it.

“Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought we would get to experience our craft on a level like this. My only regret about this whole experience is that my father is not around to see it. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, involved from Liquid Thread to CBS and the list goes on and on has been absolutely amazing!!”

-Griffin Zarbough

“Having someone hand Sinatra’s mic to me was a surreal feeling. I was holding a piece of the threshold, through which musical history physically passed. Two weeks ago I would never in a millions years have thought I would be having conversations about whether or not I could hold Frank Sinatra’s microphone or asking what to wear on the red carpet.”

-David Koonce

“This has been the most amazing experience I’ve ever had in my life! I’m so grateful for all the help and all of the hard work CBS has done for us and even in such a short period of time, I truly do feel as though we were a part of the CBS family and the staff that I personally have come in contact with is what I consider to be friends of a lifetime! From CBS to EVILTWIN to MICROSOFT… THANK YOU-THANK YOU-THANK YOU!! You all have made a small town boy’s dream come true, I could go on for days and days and probably be told “Matt…that’s enough, we got it” LOL, but seriously with the deepest and most sincere depths of gratitude, ‘Thank You!’ I have loved every minute of it all, and I can’t wait for what the future has in store!!!”

-Matt Barnes

Every single day was better than the one before.  We were in L.A. for 2 weeks and it seemed like 2 hours.  We are all so humbled by the time and energy put into this contest by everyone we came in contact with.  We have worked hard to this point, but it is hard to imagine any other single ‘event’ resulting in this much exposure and momentum for an up-and-coming band.  We can’t wait to start the next chapter, but we wouldn’t be where we are at this moment without CBS, Microsoft Surface and the many individuals that went above and beyond what was required of them to help us introduce the world to the music of Within Reason.  We are eternally grateful!

-Chris Dow

David Koonce even had a little advice for next year’s Gig of a Lifetime contenders, “Hard work and having your head in the game is the only way to gain an opportunity like the ‘Gig of a Lifetime.’”

Keep up with Within Reason as they continue their journey on Facebook, Twitter, and their webpage.