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The Last Word: Betty Who

An interview with pop singer Betty Who about her band, her retro influence, the first EP, videos by her and about her and Australia

Betty Who A.K.A. Jessica Newham, (142k scrobbles, 12k listeners) blends indie and pop music into an irresistible mix of bold soundscapes, Top 40 hooks, and knowing lyrics. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, she played cello by age four and began writing her first pop songs in her early teens. Her voice is striking and memorable.  Her debut EP The Movement – released in April, was welcomed with rave reviews, including being crowned “Best EP (So Far) of 2013” (which as you can see by the shoutbox, users tend to agree with!).  We loved our chat with Betty, where she discusses her music, the retro-vibe, making videos, the prestige of being the soundtrack to the biggest moment in a couple’s life and she even invited us along to catch some of her CMJ showcase!

In the near future, Betty says she looks forward to returning to Australia with her beloved bandmates in order to share her homeland with her closest friends.  Recently signed to RCA Records, Betty is currently working with producer Peter Thomas of Pulse Recordings on new material for a full-length debut out this spring, although the trends following The Movement have yet to slow down.

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I Love You Always Forever Lyrics
Feels like I'm standing in a timeless dream
A light mist of pale amber rose
Feels like I'm lost in a deep cloud of heavenly scent
Touching, discovering you...

Somebody Loves You Lyrics
Who's around when the days feel long
Who's around when you can't be strong
Who's around when you're losing your mind
Who cares that you get home safe
Who knows you can't be replaced

Who will be back in NYC and then continuing around the US on tour.  Make sure to catch a show!

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