Cody ChesnuTT Tells Us The True Meaning Of “Cool”

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Cody ChesnuTT - Interview

Cody talks about his first full length record in 10 years.

Though he released his Black Skin No Value EP in 2010, it had been an entire decade since Cody ChesnuTT has released a full length album, until October 2012 when he unleashed his latest soulful effort, Landing On A Hundredmuch to many patient users’ delight:

As always, the tracks on Landing reflect ChesnuTT’s socially aware approach to songwriting. With topics ranging from self-reflection and inner struggle to dealing with someone you love battling addiction, he cuts to the core of the human experience. A particular favorite of ours is “What Kind Of Cool (Will We Think Of Next), which we were lucky enough to have him play for us after picking up a guitar we had sitting around. In ChesnuTT’s words: “A lot of times we can get caught up in the trends and fads, and hide behind that instead of allowing our true selves to shine through, which is the coolest thing.” Check out the full song:

Cody ChesnuTT is currently on tour in Europe.


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