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The Last Word: Hiatus Kaiyote discusses their new album

Hiatus Kaiyote visits Last.fm and discusses their new album Choose Your Weapon

You’ve probably heard the name out and about but we would really like to take the opportunity to formally introduce you to the Australian Nu-Jazz/Neo-Soul quartet known as Hiatus Kaiyote.  Core members Simon, Nai, Perrin & Bender took some time out of their busy touring schedule to speak to Last.fm about their multidimensional sophomore LP Choose Your Weapon, following up 2014’s Grammy Nomination for Best R&B Performance for debut single Nakamarra (from the 2012 futurebeats/funk/hip-hop fusion hit Tawk Tomahawk)

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The band discusses in detail the importance of Nai’s original songwriting and evolution of their band as musicians and friends.  They vibe on the crowd as a crowd vibes on them, citing the importance of having a strong, sincere, intimate & ever-present frontwoman.

Real music fans want to see the humanity & humility in being an artist – Nai Palm

Specifically, in the creation of their latest recording effort Choose Your Weapon, (#Chooseyourweapon), the band describes their “audio babies” as literally children that they birth, raise and then kick out of the house when they’re teenagers.  Re-emphasizing the importance of crowd interaction, the entire album itself is conceptualized around the interactivity of the video-gaming world, as one progresses through character selection, levels, boss fights… the band wants that same interactivity from live audiences, friends and listeners through their thoroughly faithful live representation of the arrangements on the stage, improvisation, art & remix collaboration.

We were lucky enough to catch them at their Brooklyn Bowl Set on June 2

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The squad are a little eccentric mixed with a whole lotta eclectic. Fans are shouting their favorites all over their wall about their favorite tracks from the new record.

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If I may editorialize for a minute as a fan, I was so pleasantly shocked when I realized that 3 tracks into Choose Your Weapon featured a blatant nod to a favorite filmmaker of mine: Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro, etc..) The track in question is “Laputa” – a gorgeous interpretation of the 1986 animated film [translated as] Castle In the Sky

Check a brand new remix of “Breathing Underwater” (DJ Spinna Galactic Soul Remix)

Breathing Underwater Lyrics
The words in water
Matter slowly unwinds as I leave feathers
behind (for your love, for your lover to fi nd)
Warm hands wrapped in blue linen from
Tuareg sands (for your love, for your lover

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Choose Your Weapon is available on  iTunes or scope their Merch Store

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