The Last Word with Doe B

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Last Word: Doe B

Doe B discusses his latest single, " Let Me Find Out"

Still fairly new to the game, Southern Rapper Doe B has already proven his worth to the genre. The Montgomery, Alabama  native has  been making music since age eight, but it wasn’t until surviving a near-fatal accident did he begin to get serious about his craft. Doe B’s signature eye-patch is a reminder of a gunshot to his face in 2009, an accident not many can tell a story about.

With his father being a producer in Alabama, Doe B was exposed to the art of recording at an earlier age than most. He made his spot in the hip-hop world with his first single, “Let Me Find Out”, a track he was even hesitant about including on the mix-tape. After shooting his own video for the single in his neighborhood, and signing with Blueprint Records, he got the attention of legends T.I. and Juicy J to be featured on the remix.

Be sure to get Doe B’s latest mixtape, Baby Jesus.


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