Matt Costa Sees “Good Times” On The Horizon… Maybe

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Matt Costa - Interview

Discussing the new Self Titled record and Good Times music video

Matt Costa tends to march to the beat of his own drum.  This goes for his musical styling… much of which he self proclaims is borrowed from bits and pieces of British folk and rock history… but also with his own production?  Now on his fourth studio album, he decides to go self-titled… why?  Because.

Theres a level of sincerity in Costa’s songwriting that is further encouraged by a genuine level of ‘snarky-ness’ that so many find charming.  True folk fans can appreciate his straightforward and minimalist approach in song structuring, heavily relying on real live takes of real live instruments in his recordings  with very few bells and whistles added to the processing and production.  What you hear is a band playing music written by a man… its that simple.

The new record is an exploration of himself… perhaps that is why it inevitably wound up a self-title?  Departing from his initial goal of a dark, dreary Glasgow-ian melancholic drone… the premiere single “Good Times” is an almost ironic upbeat jamboree of drunken horns and only further complemented by the recently premiered Wes Anderson-ish music video that plays out much like a French melodrama.  Regardless, the album tracklist almost mirrors Costa’s current Top Track chart, which is probably a good indication that this is a record that will stick around.  Sample it below, and pick it up on iTunes.

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