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Matt Pond - Interview

Matt Pond discusses his latest release with

You know him, you’ve heard him everywhere… Matt Pond (Matt Pond PA) has empowered himself as a career musician with a die-hard following that continues to grow with each album. With music composed for the film soundtrack to Lebanon PA, a song on an infamous Starbucks holiday commercial, and album sales accumulating over 100,000; his success is matched only by his prolific outpouring of talent. But Matt takes those things with a grain of salt, in ‘Lives’ he shows us what’s really important.

His latest venture, The Lives Inside the Lines in Your Hand, Matt Pond strikes out alone still maintaining the honesty and humbling optimism that he has always been well known for while he delivers his strongest work to date. After partnering with ‘new’ label and longtime publishing ally BMG Rights Management, Matt Pond took the drastic step to remove the decade old ‘PA’ from his billing. With Lives being his first official ‘solo’ release, the established fanbase seems to pay no mind as they have overwhelmingly scrobbled the new songs just as any other.

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Matt Pond is able to slough off the dead skin, radiantly revealing himself in his purest form- a feat many artists strive for, but rarely accomplish. The change symbolizes more than just coming out as an official solo act, it is also perhaps a symbol of letting go. Letting go of the places he’s called home; he no longer belongs to Pennsylvania, or Brooklyn, or even the cabin in Bearsville, he is distinctly free from any earthly chains and what remains is just Matt Pond. His final frontier is to “run wild within our clear blue minds” (‘Human Beings’). The graceful departure gives Matt Pond both the freedom from, and acceptance of the limitations of being alive. His story is poignant and person, his music timeless and endearing. We hope you can find an opportunity to stream the full record, pick it up, then catch him on the stage.

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