Neon Trees’ Tyler Glenn Reflects On Life & “Pop Psychology”

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It’s been a little while now since Tyler Glenn came out as gay in a Rolling Stone article, and now that the dust has settled the front man for Neon Trees reflects on the how life has changed; how life has not changed; and how it all really played into the ongoing development of his music & most notably thus far: Pop Psychology.

“I wrote a lot of [the album] when I was seeing a therapist… which makes it sound like it would be really dark and heady, but its actually the most colorful, celebratory record”

Tyler recounts how during the development of Pop Psychology there was significant demo & individualistic production opportunity for each band member as well as himself time, and while keeping an open headspace coupled with significant fun/life/”shenanegans” intertwined resulted in something “honest, frank, cool & fresh”.  Tyler says coming out and putting his songs down on paper knowing for the first time that the audience would finally hear it the way he intended was like “Taking down a wall”.  Of course, he states, the whole endeavor was scary… but relieving, and he tremendously appreciates the support of his family, friends, band and fans.  His appreciation and compassion for his bandmates is completely self-evident, and he fondly reminisces about events where he realizes just how much he and his music have helped other individuals & couples in similar situations… both pre and post context.

Ultimately, Tyler was solaced to finally have it all on the table; to demonstrate the importance of personal development; to prove that ‘type-casting’ never really works as looks can be deceiving.  He’s still the same Tyler Glenn, with his “silly dance moves”.. and they’re still the same wholesome, catchy Neon Trees from Provo Utah.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the success of their latest single & present chart-climber: “First Things First” (22k scrobbles)

First Things First Lyrics
You are
Never gonna get
Everything you want in this world
First things first
You get what you deserve

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