James Bay Will Never Let Go Of The ‘Solo Thing’

James Bay visited Last.fm to talk about how he got his start playing guitar after digging out a rusty old acoustic from his parent’s house as a kid, the transitional period going from a traditional 1 man unplugged setup to electric stage show. & his Let It Go Ep

Bryce Vine Sets The Vibe For The ‘Trendsetter Tour’

In the latest installment of our ongoing music interview series The Last Word, the young musician Bryce Vine discusses his roots in punk music, touring/live performing, working with Karmin & Wallpaper, surprise international audiences in Norway, & his Lazy Fair EP


Jamie Scott Sets A Solo Course

In the exclusive Last.fm interview Jamie Scott reveals that he started writing for his solo record before forming Graffiti6. The album itself is a concept album that follows a couple through their life.

Us The Duo Epitomize The Love Vine

Carissa & Michael of Us The Duo chronicle their relationship and how it led to their burgeoning music career via ‘6 second covers’ on Vine & lots of passionate hard work.