ROMANS Steps From Behind The Console And In Front Of The Mic

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ROMANS - "Home" (Naughty Boy) - The Last Word

Meet ROMANS. Singer-songwriter-producer now Artist. Recently signed with Roc Nation, ROMANS introduces to his interpretation of the music-making process, with debut album coming soon.

ROMANS has been lending his expertise to a myriad of talents over the years.  He is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer and virtually everything in-between.  Now, he has stepped out to the front lines to express himself as an artist.  Having a long history of collaboration with people like Mary J Blige, Clean Bandit, Sigma, Kwabs, Birdy and recently Naughty Boy, ROMANS kind of accidentally created a record for himself.

“It came out of a really interesting place. I never started the album intending it to be an album for me.  There were songs on there I just wrote randomly and songs I wrote with other people in mind and its turned into now a kind of an interesting sort of sonic ‘mood-board'” – ROMANS

The album in question is to be named/released at a later date but ROMANS is incredibly excited to share it with audiences and fans.  As an artist & a person he is charming and genuine; polite and endearing.  As a talent & producer he is well acquainted with many aspects of the tech side of the recording industry, from guitars, drums, cello, piano, saxophone & predominantly digital audio workstations such as Fruity Loops (a tentpole for many of us homemade musicians.)  Recently signing with Roc Nation, ROMANS has a couple of songs available to check out right now.  One being the anthem “Home”, and more recently the single “Uh Huh”, which was recorded in his parents basement in London…   have a listen!

“Uh Huh” can be purchased here:

ROMANS has a tremendous amount of respect for the industry and lush history, especially when it comes to English artists (I.e the Beatles!).  But who is on his co-writer wishlist?

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